Murickens Group An ISO 9001:2015 certified company since 1975 - introduces two registered brand name MG and Flyline with the motto of power saving, low maintenance and competitive price. When Murickens' Group commenced the production in the field of Electronics, they were keen to develop a high quality . Now Murickens Group is the best and experienced Manufacturer and Distributor of the dead body freezer which maintains international quality and standard.We have seven types of dead body freezer box . The difference is in size and material of top cover. First standard export model MG- M1 - is “U" shaped single Curved Acrylic glass with 12 mm thickness or with pure glass top of model -MG-M2 . second one is EL - ( extra large ) with Acrylic glass top , model MG-M3. or pure glass top model MG-M4. Acrylic glass top (Fibber) is the most suitable one. It holds more cooling effect and light weight and unbreakable ,Latest Mobile mortuary models are MG Classic -1 Model ,MG Classic - 2 Model and MG M1 Special Model . MG CLASSIC 1 Model is designed with latest italian design . MG CLASSIC-2 is comfortable to handle , keeping all latest design factors . MG M1 Special Model is designed with acrylic glass top cover keeping low temparature radiations . the main difference is, in size and type of top cover - Acrylic glass and pure glass top. The top cover is single acrylic glass sheet (fiber) is 10 mm thickness and the pure glass is 6 mm thickness . Acrylic glass is most settable for mobile mortuary because of less in weight , unbreakable and having a capability of of holding more cooling effect. Murickens dead body deep freezer is the most commonly noticed equipment used to preserve the body, in the residence or elsewhere, for a long time. This mortuary can be shifted from one place to another and is convenient at the residence or public places. MG body freezer made fully of stainless steel with imported compressor which saves power for long life and helps to preserve the body as it is.

Different types of MG Mobile Mortuary

MG M1 Mobile Mortuary :
MG M2 Dead Body Freezer :
MG M3 Mobile Dead Body Freezer :
MG M4 Mobile Mortuary Freezer :
MG Classic 1 Mortuary Freezer :
MG Classic 2 Mortuary Freezer :



MG Mobile Mortuary Features:

► US Technology with low maintenance. ► Dead body can be preserved for longer periods. ► Stainless Steel stretcher. ► Mortuary body made-up of full pure Stainless steel and copper which provide complaint free working and long life. ► View from all angles.► Fully automatic► Adjustable Digital display thermo meter. ► Input voltmeter. ► Separate on-off switch for voltmeter ,lights and compressor. ► Full PUF system (New technology). ► Inner side light. ► Top door opening with side view Acrylic/Glass ( optional ). ► Attractive top door handle 4 No. ► Light weight and compact size. ► Noiseless functioning.► Wheel mounted (smooth and strong four wheels). ► Attractive look and long durability. ► Temperature from -2oC to -20oC.


                MG MOBILE MORTUARY
MG- M1 Compact and Standard Model with Fiber Glass Top 
MG- M2 Compact and Standard Model with Pure Glass Top 
MGEL- M3 Extra Large (EL )  Fiber Glass Top
MGEL- M4 Extra Large (EL )  Pure  Glass Top
Input volt 220-230V
Top Opening Door Single unbreakable top opening with 10 mm acrylic (Fiber) Glass /
  Pure Glass 8mm (Optional)
Dimension  Legth x Height x Width
MG- M1(Fiber Standard) 90 " x  26  "  x 28 ":   ( 228.6 cm x 66.04 cm x 71.12 cm) 
MG- M2( Glass Standard) 90 " x  26  "  x 28 ":   ( 228.6 cm x 66.04 cm x 71.12 cm)
MGEL- M3 (Fiber EL ) 80 " x 35 " x 28 " ( 203.2 cm x88.9 cm x 71.12 cm )
MGEL- M4 ( Glass EL) 80 " x 35 " x 28 " ( 203.2 cm x88.9 cm x 71.12 cm )
Mortuary Inside length  74.5  inches (189 cm)  
Mortuary Inside Width  22 inches  ( 57 cm) 
Weight of  mortuary Below 100 Kg for fiber  and 130 Kg for glass top (without stretcher)
Compressor 325 W special
Temperature  Digital display, adjustable temperature
structure of the body Steel and copper
Outer Steel 202,Gauge 22
Inner Steel 304 Gauge 26
Structure 202 Gauge 26
Applicable generator 2000VA to 2800 VA
Applicable stabilizer 1.5 kva wide range special
Above dimensions will change , according to the model 

                MG CLASSIC NEW MODELS
MG-CLASSIC 1 Compact Size and Special designed with Acrylic Glass  
Top opening Door Single unbreakable top opening with 10mm Fiber Glass(Acyrlic) 
Dimension Length*height*Width
90" * 28"* 28";
Weight of Mortuary 110 KG
Structure of the body Full Steel & Copper
Gauge 22 Gauge 304 Food Grade Polished
MG-CLASSIC 2 Extra Large (El)with special designed with pureGlass Top  
Top opening Door Single U Shape 6mm pure Glass 
Dimension Length*height*Width
82" * 35 " * 28 ";
Weight of Mortuary 160 KG
Structure of the body Full Steel & Copper
Gauge 22 Gauge 304 Food Grade MAT Polished
Above dimensions will change , according to the model 

Available in two models Fiber glass top and Pure glass top models.

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