This model is specially designed by Murickens Group for the convenience of the customer .In all view it is internationally approved and standard one . Light weight and compact in size is the main attraction of this model. The top cover glass is made up of single Fiber Acrylic glass with the thickness of 10mm. When compared to pure glass, fiber glass always maintains sufficient cooling effect and also avoids chance for braking. Eventhough we have 4 models we promote MG M1 model mobile mortuary for easy handling.

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MG M2 dead body mobile freezer is the second model developed by Murickens group .It is also very compact in size but its top cover is made up of 6 mm thick U shaped pure glass. That is the only main difference with MGM1 model mobile mortuary.

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MG M3 ( EL model) , mobile mortuary is the 3rd model developed by Murickens group. The main difference of the model is increase in height and decrease in length when compared to the MGM1 and MGM2 model. Its top opening is made up of single 10mm fiber Acrylic glass.

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MG M4 is the 4th model dead body mobile freezer developed by murickens group; almost all features are same as MG M3 model except the top opening cover. Its top U shaped opening cover is made up of pure glass of 6mm thickens. It is Extra Large model but its length is little less comparing to mg m1 model.

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New revolutionary adventure for dead body preserving unit used for hospitals and nursing homes with low investment and power saving model. Normally all multi body mortuaries are all ways in on position even though it have single or two or there but by using MG new Chember we can control and on-of the independent unit separately and save the electricity bill.

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Murickens Group,an ISO certified credit and quality rated company since 1975, is a pioneer in the field of freezer manufacturing.Our company has developed different models of freezers(for mortuary purpose) with latest technologies and international quality standards .By using high quality spires and compressor we promise you a trouble free performance for a long time. We have verities of single and multi layered freezers, for high tech hospitals and preserve units. They have fixed units of ten and above chambers and are controlled by a single compressor. Even there are many chambers, we can use each chamber independently we have different capacities of freezers for food preservation also. MG have an array of power saving electronics ,electrical and solar products Read more

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